Centuries ago, the archipelago was called “Ma-i,” a term coined by the Chinese that literally translates to the “country of the blacks.” When Ruy López de Villalobos landed on the promising Visayan shores along with other Spanish conquistadors, he named the group of islands “Las Islas Filipinas.”

In this first-ever blog post, we answer the question: What is Las Islas Filipinas? To put it simply, it is an online community for photographers that aims to bring out the best in Philippine documentary and art photography.

Although the Philippines is home to many talented and bright photographers, we observed that the country lacks a platform that collectively holds its documentary and art photographers together. We want to introduce a different style of photography to the mainstream. This is to challenge perception and evoke curiosity not only for photographers but everyone else.

Las Islas Filipinas is committed to provide beautiful photography with meaningful and profound context, setting a trend to showcase unique narratives that cease to be told.


Las Islas Filipinas