Death is one thing we can never have control or power over. It’s unpredictable and oblivious, which is why a lot of us are afraid of it.

We normally fear something that is unknown. I am one of these people who strongly fears death. Shooting this was a struggle because I was photographing a subject I am scared of. I used my grandfather’s expired film. What’s cool about it is you won’t know how it will turn out as it can make or break what has been shot. But even I was surprised at how it all turned out. I went from faces to places that showcased my fear of death. However, it did not stop me from what I wanted to share and I’d say that I have turned my fear into a strength that fueled my passion for photography.



Christian Babista has always seen places and faces in a different perspective. He has an eye for art and a soul for capturing these treasures. Babista graduated from the Far Eastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and is currently the Senate’s official photographer and videographer. He has produced and directed films that bagged awards with several film festivals and interschool competitions. Babista is mostly interested in documentary, street, and portraiture when it comes to photography. Meanwhile, he is also engaged with building communities through visual partnerships to empower communities and tell their own stories as a photographer/filmmaker.

Instagram: @ianbabista