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Las Islas Filipinas is a photography website based in Manila, Philippines. We feature projects created by upcoming and seasoned photographers falling under the Documentary Photography and Conceptual Photography genres on a fortnightly basis. Most importantly, we focus on contemporary works that have substance, meaning, and a deep cultural connection with the Philippines.


WHY are we here? The Philippines is a developing country in Southeast Asia with a population of over 100 million. Although characterized by a robust economy, majority of the Filipinos are still living below the poverty line.


In spite of that, the craft of photography is flourishing in the country. As more and more Filipinos are engaging themselves in arts and humanities, the lack of financial and logistic support for the country’s artists are likewise expanding. This poses great threat for the survival of the local art community.


Art has the power to change society. John F. Kennedy once said that if art’s role is to feed the roots of society’s culture, then society must help the artist achieve his vision. As of the moment, Las Islas Filipinas may just be a mere photography website that is composed of only three members. We envision Las Islas Filipinas to grow just as we want the Philippine photography scene to thrive locally and internationally.


HOW do we do it? With enough funding, we could eventually start paying our blog contributors. We believe that through this initiative, we are encouraging people to produce more art via meaningful photo stories and projects. We also plan to assist and make websites for photographers in order to help them gain more exposure worldwide.


Another dream of ours is to create a physical space where we could hold photography workshops and forums by bringing in guest photographers from all over the world. There, they could talk about and share their ideas to similar artists in the field. The space will also house a studio and various photography equipment such as printers, scanners, lights, etc. for the utilization of photographers and people who are interested to learn more about photography.


If all goes well, our ultimate goal is to be an institution in the country. Only then could we fund photographers so they could produce valuable work that can contribute to the overall upswing of Philippine photography.


Anything left over in terms of donations will be spent on funding exhibitions so that photographers can sell some of their prints and marketing to find more sponsors. We may sound a tad too idealistic and ambitious but with the help of passionate artists, photography enthusiasts, and people like you, we believe we could turn this vision into a reality.


WHAT should you do? We’d appreciate it if you pledge your support to our advocacy through financial donations. Big or small amount, every dollar counts. If you can’t donate, we would still like to give out a big THANK YOU for reaching this far. Your interest means a lot to us and we hope you could spread the word about Las Islas Filipinas.





© 2016 Las Islas Filipinas. All rights reserved.


© 2016 Las Islas Filipinas. All rights reserved.