Having a goal in life directs people into choosing the right decisions for the path they would like to take. Once achieved, this goal brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to an individual. With the pursuance of passion in reaching goals, it makes a person reach the ultimate zenith in life. But reaching such a goal would require a certain effort to get pass through the struggles, and sacrifices are also made along the way.

To live what you love is something people nowadays tend to set aside because of extrinsic incentives or practicality, which leads to the inability of bringing out their inner potential in doing their passion. This causes a lot of potential talents and skills go to waste, demotivating and uninspiring an individual further.

The title “Soul on Sole: Of People Driven by Passion” connotes the essence of a person that consists of one’s thought, personality, and passion which is connected upon the use of footwear as a metaphor. It shows how people take pride in the accomplishment of their goals. How these goals were cultivated from pursuing their passion, leading to their success today, with self- efficacy and integrity in unity with their footwear or sole.  Inspiration and motivation in the pursuit of goals and passion is conveyed through a documentary approach of photographs along with narratives that complement the story.


Seven people are chosen to be featured in the book: Misha Fabian (Figure Skating), Jessa Balote (Ballet), Claire Adorna (Triathlon), Andy Avellana (Athletics), Belinda Adora (Dance Sport), Chieffy Caligdong (Football), and Miko Santos (Mountaineering).

Ayo Rin Mangoroban has always been passionate for art. Being a recent cum laude graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts in the University of Santo Tomas, she has proved her passion for visual narrating by achieving best thesis with documentary photography as the main tool. She has been active in different events during her college years as a photographer for The Varsitarian, the official student publication of her university. She was also one of the winners of the International Photography Awards in 2015, bagging 4 awards for her photo “Amidst the Sunset.” Ayo Rin does freelance shoots and is now looking forward to experience working in the real world.

Email: ayorinnn@gmail.com