Castor and Pollux is the realization of the Greek mythology I found six years ago in the book of Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry.

“Then, it being night, and the twin stars Castor and Pollux just visible in the sky, I spoke of the tragedy, of two brothers whose love we might find unnatural, so stricken in grief when one was killed that the other, begging for his life again, accepted instead that for half of the year one might live, and for the rest of the year the other, but never the two together. So it is for us, who while on earth in these suits of lead sense the presence of one we love, not far away but too far to touch.”

This particular text made my fascination for the myth grow that it became an obsession to take photographs of brothers. I took photographs from afar with my earnest intention of not to disturb. I like thinking that in this lifetime they are both alive and have finally found each other. At some point I went about contacting people in my community who are actual brothers or so brotherly that I cannot tell the difference and took their portraits. In this series I have printed my photographs on wood provided that it is something organic and solid. I have printed my digital file on paper and manually transferred them on wood using acrylic emulsion, a technique I have also learned six years ago from a workshop.

Castor and Pollux is for myself. This is also for you; for all the people who never understood how much you could give and what you would do for them just so they could stay a little longer.


Eunice Sanchez graduated with a Psychology degree in De La Salle University and is currently taking Photography at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She does freelance shoots and also works as a part-time waitress.

Instagram: @eunigiri | @_youarenothere